The Final Project: Zipcode

This is it. These are the final projects and images that we created for this class. 

As this fast-paced summer course comes to and end, students look back on the work they have created and the skills they have gained.

We learned how to shoot portraits, blur action, stop action, detail shots, the life formula, and all sorts of other things in between. We edited multimedia projects, on deadline and sometimes not so much. We learned how fickle sound can be and how a strong image can make a piece.

Thank you for reading, and please take a look at all of the shots we took and the subsequent stories that came out of iton our Flickr and Youtube pages.

A special thanks to Professor Larson for imparting his wisdom to us this semester.



Photos of the Young

Our Seniors and Minors shoot led us again to Waikiki, Oahu. Photojournalism students, this time in groups of 3 and 4, set off to gather photos and stories of the young and old.

Here are some of the shots we got of the “minors.” To see the rest, head to our Pinterest page.

Thursday, Food Day

This  Thursday class, students finished edits on our Senior Minor project. After uploading the photos and viewing videos, Photojournalism merged with PR  to document the UH campus food scene. 

Each Photojournalism student was paired with a PR student from Communications and then the pairs set off to find food to photograph.

After editing the best photo from the set and coming up with a note-worthy caption, the photos were pinned to the campus food board on the School of Communication’s Pinterest page.

Chinatown in Photographs

Here are the photos that were taken in Chinatown. Students have a variety of subjects for this shoot from street details to the homeless. Check out our Flickr page for more student work.

The video portion of this assignment will be revealed in class Monday.

Video Editing on iMovie

In this class we had to learn how to edit our own content….and fast. As a student immersed in this course, I have really appreciated the hands on, jumping in feet first approach to learning how to create a quality multimedia project.

Besides previous encounters with iMovie or Photoshop students in this class have had to learn how to edit, and fast.